EM Group Chat #076: Low Frequency Marketplaces With Viveck Kumar, VP of Product at PropertyGuru

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Viveck Kumar

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #076 (11/9) with Viveck Kumar, who’s the VP of Product at PropertyGuru. PropertyGuru is Asia’s leading online home marketplace that’s used by millions of property seekers to find homes every month. Viveck is also a thought leader on low frequency consumer products & marketplaces, which we do a deep dive into on the group chat.

0:05 Intro
1:10 Viveck's background
Learnings from launching Amazon's marketplace in India
7:24 Learnings & insights from leading product at PayPal & Intuit
10:34 Joining PropertyGuru
13:18 An overview of PropertyGuru as a marketplace
17:51 How PropertyGuru operates across markets
19:00 The PropertyGuru team & Org structure
21:44 The day-to-day as VP of Product at PropertyGuru
24:03 A deep dive into low frequency marketplaces & strategies to grow them
54:35 Group Q&A on product teams being outcome oriented

Viveck on Twitter: https://twitter.com/viveckpkumar
Viveck's Blog: https://viveckpkumar.me
PropertyGuru: https://www.propertygurugroup.com

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