EM Group Chat #087: Insights From Investing In B2B Marketplaces With Loren Straub From Bowery Capital

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Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #087 (2/8) with Loren Straub, who's a partner at Bowery Capital. Bowery Capital is an early-stage fund that's focused on investing in B2B marketplaces with a portfolio that includes the likes of Zeus, StreetCred, Reibus, and more. Prior to Bowery Capital, Loren was at Groupon so she has some great experience on both the operating & investing side.

0:05 Intro
1:04 Loren's background
3:35 An overview of Bowery Capital as early-stage B2B marketplace investors
6:01 What Bowery Capital & investors look for in B2B marketplace investments
12:43 The stage Bowery Capital typically invests in marketplaces like Reibus
15:25 Metrics & benchmarks for B2B marketplaces that are fundraising
16:53 Take rates & revenue streams for B2B marketplaces
20:37 When B2B marketplaces should offer additional services like financing
22:35 Investing in international & emerging markets
23:12 Misconceptions with B2B marketplaces
27:09 Fundraising tips for early stage B2B marketplaces
30:38 Group Q&A on B2B sales lifecycles & approaches
34:51 Group Q&A on indicators for evaluating B2B marketplace opportunities
38:32 Group Q&A on how Reibus generated their first B2B marketplace transaction
44:40 Group Q&A on successful examples of GTM strategies for B2B marketplaces
47:00 Group Q&A on subscription led marketplaces & long transaction model B2B marketplaces

Loren on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/LorenStraub
Bowery Capital: https://www.bowerycap.com

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