EM Group Chat #079: Marketplace Policy & Relations With Loni Mahanta (Zillow, Prev. Lyft)

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Loni Mahanta

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #079 (11/30) with Loni Mahanta, who's VP of Policy at Zillow. Loni is also on the Board of Directors at HopSkipDrive and was previously VP of Policy at Lyft, where she led policy from early stage to IPO and was working on some specific areas of the marketplace like worker classification. Loni is a prolific leader when it comes to marketplace policies, relations, and executive leadership.

0:05 Intro
1:03 Loni's background
3:58 Initially leading policy at Lyft & how it evolved
6:09 Leading worker classification at Lyft with AB5
8:14 How worker classification impacts marketplaces at scale like Lyft
9:47 Key marketplace learnings from Lyft
11:35 When early stage marketplaces should think through policy, regulations, & relations
12:53 How early stage marketplaces can utilize outside resources for policy & regulations
14:36 Joining Zillow as VP of Policy
16:26 An overview of Zillow as a marketplace
18:25 Navigating policy with marketplaces that operate across markets at scale
21:03 Examples of policy issues from Lyft with AB5, then Prop 22
26:22 Tips for early stages marketplaces when thinking through policy & regulations
27:46 Group Q&A on AB5 and how this can impact the future of marketplaces
29:32 Group Q&A on processes to ensure proper worker classification
31:39 Group Q&A on internal marketplace team education on policy & regulations
32:41 Group Q&A on instant payouts at Lyft
34:16 Group Q&A on how disruptive marketplaces should approach policy & regulations
40:54 Group Q&A about marketplaces providing supply for work and the terminology of on-supply
43:09 Group Q&A on the trend for marketplaces to offer deeper incentives to retain supply

Loni on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/loni-mahanta-36a685a
Zillow: https://www.zillow.com

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