EM Group Chat #075: Leading Product At Apartment List With Katrina Benjamin, Chief Product Officer

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Katrina Benjamin

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #075 (11/2) with Katrina Benjamin, who’s the Chief Product Officer at Apartment List. Apartment List is a leading home rental marketplace that has over 5M homes on its platform. Prior to Apartment List Katrina led product at Upwork, so she has some really incredible product & marketplace experience. 

0:05 Intro
1:03 Katrina's background
2:45 Experience & lessons from leading product at Upwork
6:20 Managing marketplace categories at Upwork
9:51 The Org structure & team at Upwork
11:44 Joining the Apartment List team
13:33 The Apartment List product & marketplace experience
15:52 How Apartment List differentiates with user preferences & matching
18:20 How Apartment List manages marketplace liquidity
20:15 The metrics & KPI's that matter for Apartment List
21:43 The scale that Apartment List operates at
22:22 The day-to-day as the CPO of Apartment List
26:56 How Apartment List sets goals & objectives
29:11 Leading a remote product team
33:00 How Katrina's product philosophy has changed
34:46 Group Q&A on how Katrina was hired as the CPO at Apartment List
38:50 Group Q&A on how Katrina continually learns about product
41:50 Group Q&A on the future of online talent & labor marketplaces
50:55 Group Q&A on marketplaces using open listings for supply vs. gating access to supply
59:30 Group Q&A on the fundamentals & leveraging technology when building marketplaces

Katrina on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katrinabenjamin
Apartment List: https://www.apartmentlist.com

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