A Deep Dive Into ResQ As A SaaS Enabled Marketplace With Kuljeev Singh | EM Group Chat #152

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Kuljeev Singh

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #152 (2/13) with Kuljeev Singh, who's the CEO of ResQ. ResQ is a SaaS enabled marketplace that makes it easy for restaurants to manage repairs & maintenance. It's used by over 5,000+ restaurants and they've also raised over $45M from top investors.

0:06 Intro
1:08 Kuljeev's background
4:08 The first steps for starting ResQ
6:53 How ResQ moved from being a pure play marketplace to being SaaS enabled
10:40 How ResQ moved upmarket with restaurants
12:25 The importance of sequencing when launching new features & layering on services
14:44 A walkthrough of the ResQ experience for both restaurants & service providers
17:19 How ResQ found a way to get the demand side of their marketplace to invite suppliers
22:09 How ResQ has scaled to operating in 3+ countries as a local marketplace
25:22 How ResQ has raised $45M+ from top investors
26:30 Group Q&A on pitching investors as a SaaS enabled marketplace
28:52 Group Q&A on the initial pricing strategy for ResQ
31:38 Group Q&A on the biggest learnings from hiring & team building
33:37 Group Q&A on how ResQ has expanded into filling the needs for restaurants & specific functionality that they enable
36:47 Group Q&A on how to prioritize building SaaS tools vs. marketplace when building a SaaS enabled marketplace
39:28 Group Q&A on the early sales process for ResQ & learnings
44:00 Parting marketplace advice

Kuljeev on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/KuljeevS⁠
ResQ: https://www.getresq.com

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