EM Group Chat #059: Building & Launching Metafy With Josh Fabian

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Josh Fabian

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #059 (7/6) with Josh Fabian, who's the CEO of Metafy. Metafy is an online marketplace that connects gamers with coaches for 1:1 coaching sessions. It just launched and has already raised over $9M from top investors like Jeff Morris Jr., Alexis Ohanian, Naval Ravikant, Anand Iyer, and Matt Cooper from Skillshare.

The founding story of Metafy
4:10 The first steps to starting Metafy as a marketplace
7:12 The landscape of the online gaming industry
9:18 The games & categories that Metafy offers online coaching for
10:57 How Metafy attracted some of the top gaming coaches in the world early on
14:18 How Metafy built an authentic voice on social & brand
20:08 How Metafy vets coaches
22:04 What typical coaching sessions are like on Metafy
25:48 Raising $9M+ from top investors
32:30 Group Q&A on addressing TAM when pitching to investors
41:20 Group Q&A on how to roadmap & pitch the product vision
46:54 Group Q&A on how Metafy prices, platform fees, & preventing disintermediation

Josh on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoshFabian
Metafy: https://metafy.gg

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