EM Group Chat #105: Leading Marketplace Operator & Investor Insights With Jason Droege

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Jason Droege

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #105 (8/2) with Jason Droege, who's a Partner at Benchmark. Benchmark is a top venture fund that's backed category defining marketplaces like eBay, Zillow, Uber, and more from the earliest stages. Prior to Benchmark Jason was also the Head of Uber Eats, so has some really incredible experience as both a marketplace operator & investor.

0:06 Intro
1:23 Jason's background
5:45 Leading Uber Everything & launching Uber Eats
13:46 Scaling Uber Eats to become a category leader
19:49 The biggest learnings & takeaways from leading Uber Eats
23:52 Joining Benchmark as a Venture Partner
27:05 Evaluating the best founders & marketplaces
30:39 Group Q&A on initially launching Uber Eats & getting signaling on PMF
35:58 Group Q&A on misconceptions with CAC/LTV
40:56 Group Q&A on the playbook Uber Eats used to launch new markets
46:10 Group Q&A on the metrics & benchmarks investors look for at the Series A stage
52:10 Group Q&A on product design & product led growth with marketplaces

Jason on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/jdroege
Benchmark: https://www.benchmark.com

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