EM Group Chat #060: Building & Scaling Boatsetter with Jaclyn Baumgarten, Co-founder & CEO

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Jaclyn Baumgarten

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #060 (7/13) with Jaclyn Baumgarten, who's the CEO of Boatsetter. Boatsetter is the leading online marketplace for boat rentals that operates in over 600 markets and has raised $31M+ in venture capital.

The founding story of Cruzin, then Boatsetter
10:08 How Cruzin merged with Boatsetter
11:56 Some of the initial marketplace challenges with supply & demand
13:45 How Boatsetter leveraged partnerships early on
16:13 How Boatsetter is actually a three-sided marketplace with boat owners, captain, & renters
17:56 Typical bookings on Boatsetter
19:23 How Boatsetter moved from P2P to businesses with charters
24:23 The Boatsetter team & Org structure
25:26 The journey fundraising with raising $31M+
32:03 Group Q&A on how to identify opportunities for creating demand at scale
35:56 Group Q&A on taking Boatsetter from 0-1, then scaling supply & demand
38:20 Group Q&A on tips for fundraising at the earliest stages

Jaclyn on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaclynBaumgarte
Boatsetter: https://www.boatsetter.com

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