EM Group Chat #120: Building & Scaling Bridebook With Hamish Shephard

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Hamish Shephard

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #120 (12/6) with Hamish Shephard, who’s the Co-founder of HelloFresh and Bridebook. HelloFresh is a leading meal kit delivery service that’s raised over $360M+ and delivered 1B+ meals worldwide. Hamish has also more recently started & scaled Bridebook into becoming the UK’s #1 wedding planning app & marketplace.

1:02 Hamish's background
6:53 Learnings from scaling HelloFresh
11:56 Raising $360M+ for HelloFresh & building in a hyper-competitive market
13:40 The founding story of Bridebook & overview of it as a wedding planning marketplace
17:55 How Bridebook initially solved for the cold start problem
20:15 How Bridebook is building supply with wedding venues & service providers
23:34 The new market launch & expansion playbook for Bridebook
25:56 The Bridebook team
26:45 How the pandemic impacted the wedding industry & Bridebook
29:28 Tips for early stage marketplace founders
33:16 Group Q&A on the early pricing strategy for HelloFresh
36:51 Group Q&A on how Bridebook monetizes
40:37 Group Q&A on tips for persevering as a marketplace founder & the journey as marketplaces scale

Hamish on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hamishshephard
Bridebook: https://www.bridebook.com

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