EM Group Chat #065: Product Operations Insights From Uber & Gopuff With Gideon Hod

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Gideon Hod

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #065 (8/17) with Gideon Hod, who's currently leading Product & Ops at Gopuff. If you’re not familiar with Gopuff, it’s a delivery service for everyday needs & essentials. It's raised over $2.4B+ at a valuation north of $15B. Prior to Gopuff Gideon was at Stripe, then before that on the Ops team at Uber.

0:11 Intro
0:56 Gideon's background
3:46 What Product Operations is & what they do at marketplaces
6:23 Product Ops insights from Uber
9:37 Learnings from building Product Ops teams at Uber
14:00 Joining Gopuff
15:10 An overview of Gopuff as a marketplace
17:35 Differences in Product Ops from Uber to Gopuff
19:35 Example of Product Ops at Gopuff with driver app functionality integration
21:08 Gopuff's 7,000+ employees & team
22:55 How Gopuff is acquiring companies like BevMo to grow it's micro-fulfillment center (MFC) network
24:57 Metrics that matter for Gopuff as a marketplace
26:52 How Gopuff offers over 4,000 SKU's for products
28:15 Tips for early stage marketplaces on how to improve Product Ops
31:28 Group Q&A on worker classification & Org structure
33:59 Group Q&A on the biggest challenges faced from experience at Uber, Stripe, & Gopuff
37:01 Group Q&A on how to navigate communication with supply & aggregate feedback
38:54 Group Q&A on best practices with rolling out new features to supply
48:38 Group Q&A on ratings & reviews for drivers at Uber, then Gopuff
54:01 Group Q&A on the competitive landscape with Uber Eats, DoorDash, & Gopuff
56:03 Group Q&A on how Gopuff is able to attract & hire it's driver workforce

Gideon on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ghod
Gopuff: https://gopuff.com

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