EM Group Chat #104: Product & Healthcare Marketplace Insights With Gerard Murphy From Sesame

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Gerard Murphy

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #104 (7/26) with Gerard Murphy, who's the VP of Product at Sesame. Sesame is making access to high-quality health care easier and more affordable through it's online marketplace that helps patients connect with local doctors, book appointments, and pay for services directly. Gerard also previously led Product at TripAdvisor, so has some great experience when it comes to both product & marketplaces.

0:06 Intro
1:15 Gerard's background
5:09 Key learnings from TripAdvisor as a hyperlocal marketplace
10:17 The TripAdvisor team & org structure
12:48 Joining Sesame & overview of Sesame as a healthcare marketplace
15:51 The Sesame product & marketplace experience
17:36 How Sesame launched a telehealth marketplace
21:56 The markets that Sesame operates in & playbook for expansion
24:58 How Sesame is growing the supply side of it's marketplace & onboarding doctors
27:24 The value prop for doctors to use Sesame
33:10 How Sesame is making it easier for users to find the right doctor
37:28 A day in the life of the VP of Product at Sesame
42:49 Tips for early stage marketplace founders
45:20 Group Q&A on how Sesame solves for the hard side of the marketplace & changing consumer behavior
48:26 Group Q&A on how Sesame thinks about monetization & using a subscription model
54:33 Group Q&A on how Sesame initially overcame challenges with onboarding doctors

Gerard on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerardmurphy
Sesame: https://www.sesamecare.com

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