EM Group Chat #068: The Shift To Web3 Marketplaces With Gabe Luna-Ostaseski From Braintrust

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Gabe Luna-Ostaseski

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #068 (9/8) with Gabe Luna-Ostaseski, who's the Co-founder of Braintrust. Braintrust is a freelancer services marketplace that’s recently launched and is rethinking the future of work as a Web3 marketplace. It’s backed by top investors like Pantera Capital, True Ventures, Multicoin Capital, and more. Prior to Braintrust Gabe was also the Co-founder of Modernize, a home services marketplace that scaled to be nationwide and was eventually acquired. He’s also an advisor & investor in 40+ marketplaces like ClassPass and LendingHome.

0:05 Intro
1:34 Gabe's background
5:59 How marketplaces innovated with Web2 and now Web3
7:39 The core innovations of Web3 marketplaces
11:22 Starting Braintrust as a Web3 freelancer services marketplace reinventing the future of work
13:52 The initial challenges when starting Braintrust
18:37 An overview & breakdown of Braintrust
21:17 How Braintrust uses a token model with the BTRST token to incentivize community & build a durable network
25:36 Raising capital as a Web3 marketplace
26:03 Managing liquidity as a marketplace & governance
29:15 Group Q&A on fundraising with a token model
32:03 Group Q&A on the Braintrust community
33:24 Group Q&A on how Web2 marketplaces should think about Web3
36:33 Group Q&A on ensuring quality with the Braintrust network
42:22 Group Q&A on educating & onboarding companies to use Braintrust
46:10 Tips for early stage marketplace founders

Gabe on Twitter: https://twitter.com/gabelunao
Braintrust: https://www.usebraintrust.com

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