EM Group Chat #074: Insights From Investing In 700+ Marketplaces With Jeff Weinstein From FJ Labs

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Jeff Weinstein

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #074 (10/26) with Jeff Weinstein, who's a partner at FJ Labs. FJ Labs is a marketplace focused fund that’s invested in over 700+ marketplaces like Farfetch, Rappi, Flexport, Lime, RigUp, and many more.

0:05 Intro
1:03 Jeff's background
3:03 What led Jeff to marketplaces
4:48 How FJ Labs started & has evolved
6:30 An overview of FJ Labs as a marketplace fund & investors
9:03 Common traits of great founders & marketplaces
11:03 How FJ Labs also incubates marketplaces
12:26 How marketplaces are evolving
14:17 How metrics & evaluations are changing for marketplaces that are fundraising
16:06 Investing in emerging markets
17:01 Opportunities for marketplaces
21:35 The FJ Labs team & operations
23:20 The ecosystem of marketplace angel investors & funds
25:08 Tips for early stage marketplace founders that are fundraising
27:31 Group Q&A on how investors view marketplaces using no code
30:16 Group Q&A on how FJ Labs prioritize marketplaces being able to demonstrate high take rates early on
34:23 Group Q&A on what stage FJ Labs has backed marketplaces like Fresha
37:02 Group Q&A on how FJ Labs values market presence at the earliest stages
39:00 Group Q&A on tips for pitching investors virtually over Zoom
41:40 Group Q&A on FJ Labs preference for sending a pitch deck or memo in advance of a meeting
43:48 Group Q&A on sharing metrics when pitching with minimal data
46:50 Group Q&A on sending personalized emails when cold-emailing & pitching
51:23 Group Q&A on the unique value add that FJ Labs can provide as investors
55:50 Markets that Jeff is personally interested in & exploring

Jeff on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeffreyw5000
FJ Labs: https://fjlabs.com

Connect with Jeff in the Everything Marketplaces community.