EM Group Chat #071: Building & Launching Patch With Brennan Spellacy

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Brennan Spellacy

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #071 (9/28) with Brennan Spellacy, who's the CEO of Patch. Patch is building a platform for negative emissions, which allows businesses to leverage their API for calculating emissions & making transactions climate positive. They just announced their $20M Series A from top funds like Andreessen Horowitz and Version One Ventures.

0:05 Intro
1:05 Brennan's background
2:44 Learnings from Sonder
5:03 The founding story & starting Patch
9:46 An overview of Patch as a marketplace
11:58 How Patch onboards partners for supply & builds trust as a marketplace
14:32 The types of business that use Patch on the demand side
17:06 How Patch's API approach allows it to scale across categories
18:01 The API-first approach for Patch as a marketplace
20:34 Unique challenges with the API-first approach
22:15 The sales process & onboarding new businesses to Patch
24:35 How Patch monetizes
26:42 The metrics that Patch focuses on
29:36 The market opportunity in carbon removal for Patch
32:02 The fundraising journey & raising from top funds like a16z & Version One Ventures
36:19 Tips for early stage marketplace founders
39:39 Group Q&A on the market for carbon removal with NGO's
42:10 Group Q&A on the biggest challenges Patch faces
43:30 Group Q&A on industry certifiers
47:48 Building the Patch brand & name recognition
52:26 Plans to launch Patch in new markets

Brennan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bspellacy_
Patch: https://www.patch.io

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