EM Group Chat #083: Building & Scaling Flippa With Blake Hutchison

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Blake Hutchison

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #083 (1/11) with Blake Hutchison, who’s the CEO of Flippa. Flippa is the largest online marketplace for buying & selling online businesses that has over 3M+ registered users. They also recently raised a Series A round, which Blake shares more about with us.

0:05 Intro
1:08 Blake's background
2:20 Becoming the CEO of Flippa
4:58 How Flippa initially started
6:18 Flippa's initial growth & how it's scaled as a marketplace
8:23 Who Flippa is for on both the buyer & seller side
11:18 How Flippa matches buyers & sellers
12:25 How matching is core to the Flippa marketplace experience
13:24 How Flippa helps with evaluations, listings, & data to provide better matches
16:36 The Flippa transaction experience & marketplace value props
19:00 The average deal & transaction size on Flippa
20:11 Flippa's broker network that provides a more personalized marketplace experience
21:46 How Flippa has repeat transactions with both buyers & sellers
22:57 How businesses are bought & resold on the Flippa marketplace
24:22 How Flippa went from being a bootstrap marketplace to raising a Series A round
27:52 The Flippa team & marketplace org structure
29:09 Tips for early stage marketplace founders
31:21 Group Q&A on how Flippa prevents marketplace disintermediation
34:00 Group Q&A on challenges with paid marketing & user acquisition with lower frequency marketplaces
36:25 Group Q&A on how digital assets & NFTs might be in the future for Flippa
39:36 Group Q&A on how Flippa initially created an organic flywheel for growth using listings for SEO
41:30 Group Q&A on the competitive landscape with other platforms for buying & selling online businesses

Blake on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/blakenow
Flippa: https://www.flippa.com

Connect with Blake in the Everything Marketplaces community.