EM Group Chat #089: Leading Marketplace Expansion With Benjamin Rubenstein From Snackpass

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Benjamin Rubenstein

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #089 (2/22) with Benjamin Rubenstein, who leads Expansion & Operations at Snackpass. Snackpass is a platform that allows users to order ahead at their favorite restaurants and unlock discounts with friends.They've raised over $90M from top investors like Craft Ventures, a16z, General Catalyst, and more. Prior to Snackpass Benjamin led regional Marketing & Operations at Lime, so he has some really great marketplace experience.

1:13 Benjamin's background
4:02 Challenges with Lime as a transportation & on-demand marketplace
5:24 How Lime launched new markets
7:26 Learnings from leading Marketing & Expansion at Lime
9:18 Tips for building great team culture at hyper growth startups
10:44 Joining Snackpass
12:41 An overview of Snackpass
14:46 How Snackpass has evolved & scaled
16:47 How Snackpass launches in new markets
18:18 The Snackpass city launch & expansion playbook
19:20 How Snackpass drives revenue & empowers restaurants
21:46 Challenges building a startup in the restaurant & food ordering markets
23:12 The Snackpass team & org structure
25:14 How Snackpass leverages & evaluates partnerships
30:01 How Snackpass builds & manages relationships with restaurants
31:55 Group Q&A on how Snackpass acquires restaurants as customers & leverages data as a value prop
36:38 Group Q&A on how social drives growth for Snackpass
41:10 Group Q&A on challenges & tips for entering new markets as a transportation or on-demand marketplace
44:22 Group Q&A on how Snackpass launched kiosk's at restaurants

Benjamin on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/brrubenstein
Snackpass: https://www.snackpass.co

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