EM Group Chat #145: Balancing Marketplace Supply & Demand At ThredUp With Ryan Moser

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Ryan Moser

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #145 (11/21) with Ryan Moser, who’s the VP of Revenue Strategy at thredUP. Ryan has some really great marketplace experience being early at thredUP, through their IPO in 2021, to now as the VP of Revenue Strategy where he oversees matching supply & demand for it as one of the largest resale marketplaces for secondhand clothing.

0:06 Intro
1:05 Ryan's background
3:01 An overview of thredUp as a marketplace for secondhand clothing
3:58 The thedUP buyer & seller experience
5:15 How sellers send clothing to thredUP
6:10 The categories of clothing items on thredUP
7:33 How thredUP launched Retail-As-A-Service (RAAS)
8:55 The logistics & distribution centers for thredUP
11:18 Balancing marketplace supply & demand at thredUP
14:05 Using marketplace incentives on the supply side
15:16 Metrics used to help balance supply & demand
15:53 Marketplace pricing
17:35 How early stage marketplaces can balance supply & demand
19:15 Some Ryan's biggest learnings from his experience at thredUP
21:04 How thredUP has evolved since Ryan first joined
22:50 Group Q&Q on marketplaces subsidizing one side
24:30 Group Q&A on the thredUP team & structure
26:39 Group Q&A on helping supply set marketplace pricing
28:32 Group Q&A on marketplace curation
31:37 Group Q&A on buyer & seller overlap
32:46 Group Q&A on supporting recurring sellers at thredUP
34:20 Group Q&A on building out marketplace operations
37:01 Parting marketplace advice

Ryan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanpmoser
thredUP: https://www.thredup.com

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