EM Group Chat #133: Building & Scaling Zumper Into A Leading Housing Marketplace With Anthemos Georgiades

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Anthemos Georgiades

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #133 (5/30) with Anthemos Georgiades, who’s the CEO of Zumper. Zumper is one of the largest residential housing marketplaces that's helping make the process of renting an apartment or home easier. It's used by over 70 million renters a year and has raised over $178M+ from top investors like Kleiner Perkins, a16z, Goodwater Capital, and more.

0:06 Intro
1:11 Anthemos's background
2:43 The first steps for starting Zumper & overcoming the cold start problem
5:54 How Zumper constrained by geography in the beginning
6:57 How Zumper built supply liquidity & started to drive demand
9:04 An overview of Zumper as a leading residential housing marketplace
10:50 How the Zumper product experience has evolved
13:42 How Zumper has layered on new product offerings
16:05 The markets that Zumper operates in & new market launch playbook
18:48 Building the Zumper brand
21:03 How Zumper is experimenting with AI
24:04 How Zumper built & launched a ChatGPT plug-in
26:52 The Zumper team & org structure
28:30 The fundraising journey & raising $178M+ from top investors
31:25 The most challenging round for Zumper
34:13 Tips for early stage marketplace founders
37:24 Group Q&A on how Zumper's initial business model evolved
42:09 Group Q&A on how Zumper partnered with Facebook Marketplace early on
44:23 Group Q&A on how Zumper selected initial markets & expanded
46:30 Group Q&A on how to craft a compelling narrative around an atypical growth or expansion strategy when pitching to investors
49:00 Group Q&A on how Zumper acquired & integrated PadMapper
51:50 Parting marketplace advice

Anthemos on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/anthemos
Zumper: https://www.zumper.com

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