EM Group Chat #113: Marketplace Operator & Angel Investor Insights With Andrew Blachman

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Andrew Blachman

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #113 (10/11) with Andrew Blachman, who's a former marketplace operator & now investor. Andrew was previously the COO of Tophatter and before that was at Ticketmaster via acquisition. Andrew is now an active angel investor and has invested in marketplaces like Outdoorsy, MicroAcquire, Seatgeek, Bridebook, Nest Collaborative, and many more. He's also a scout for Craft Ventures, which is a leading early stage fund that's focused on marketplaces.

0:06 Intro
1:08 Andrew's background
6:09 Learnings from scaling GetMeIn! as a ticketing platform
14:17 How GetMeIn! was acquired by Ticketmaster
21:15 Joining Tophatter
25:34 Learnings from scaling Tophatter as a commerce marketplace
32:44 What led Andrew to angel investing in marketplace startups
35:51 How Andrew's operating experience & insights helps with angel investing
39:43 Group Q&A on what investors look for when evaluating SaaS enabled marketplaces
42:48 Group Q&A on using early stage partnerships to drive growth
47:22 Group Q&A on how GetMeIn! leveraged SEO
52:04 Group Q&A on strategies for building a network & fundraising
58:13 Group Q&A on how to approach partnerships

Andrew on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ajblachman

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