EM Group Chat #095: Building & Scaling Swyft As A B2B Delivery Marketplace With Aadil Kazmi

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Aadil Kazmi

Recording of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat #095 (4/12) with Aadil Kazmi, who's the CEO of Swyft. Swyft is a B2B logistics & delivery marketplace that allows brands & retailers to offer same-day delivery. It's backed by top venture funds like Forerunner Ventures, Shopify, Golden Ventures, and more.

0:05 Intro
1:05 Aadil's background
2:29 Starting Swyft
5:08 The initial approach with starting Swyft as a B2B marketplace
8:25 An overview of Swyft as a B2B marketplace for delivery
10:21 How Swyft sets shipping rates & pricing as a marketplace
12:00 The courier service providers that use Swyft
13:09 How Sywft reaches & onboards couriers
14:07 The types of brands & retailers that use Swyft for offering same-day delivery
15:39 The markets that Swyft operates in
16:05 The biggest challenges as Swyft scales
17:53 The Swyft team & org structure
19:29 The playbook Swyft uses for expansion & launching new markets
20:24 The fundraising journey
21:28 Competition in the same-day delivery space
23:10 Group Q&A on market expansion outside of dense markets
26:40 Group Q&A on market sizing & TAM
29:20 Group Q&A on challenges with supplier reliability
35:04 Group Q&A on supplier acquisition, onboarding, & quality
39:57 Group Q&A on the stage that Swyft started setting rates & pricing
43:01 Group Q&A on team building being a B2B & SaaS enabled marketplace

Aadil on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aadilkazmi
Swyft: https://www.useswyft.com

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